Client Success Story

Transforming Waste Collection with Precision

The Challenge

In a bustling urban environment, our client, a waste management company, was bogged down by an inefficient system. Despite the potential of technological advancements, they were mired in a manual process where 80% of bin checks led to no action. Not only did this method eat up valuable time, but staffing shortages compounded the challenge. Their business model needed an overhaul, and innovation seemed distant.

Our Solution

Enter FINdustries with an innovative proposal: transform waste collection from a tedious task to a streamlined, precision-driven process. Our strategy was holistic, prioritizing both technological and business model transformation. We integrated Internet of Things (IoT) devices, allowing for scheduled remote data collection and pinpointed service requirements. Alongside, we helped the client transition from a per-service pricing model to a value-driven strategy, despite the complexities involved.


Collaboration was paramount. Our dedicated team maintained a close rapport with the client, ensuring clear communication and alignment. Every progress step was transparent, and the client’s voice echoed in every decision.

The Results

The transformation was staggering. Where manual checks and inconsistencies once reigned, now stood an efficient, tech-driven system. This led to impressive financial gains just six months post-launch. The client was not only able to cater to more customers but also offered better wages, enhancing team satisfaction. From being bogged down by inefficiencies, they now stood poised to dominate the market.

Their Journey, Our Collaboration

At FINdustries, every client’s journey becomes a part of our story. This wasn’t just about technology; it was about transforming a vision into reality. Together, we didn’t just optimize a process; we redefined an industry standard.


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