Client Success Story

From Rowboat to Rocketship

The Challenge

For five long years, our client grappled with launching their pioneering product. Their journey, filled with hurdles and challenges, saw them spending a staggering $600k on a prototype that, unfortunately, remained non-functional. It wasn’t just money that was spent, but time, hope, and countless resources. The product, though filled with potential, was weighed down by non-essential features and complexities that hindered its launch.

Our Solution

When FINdustries stepped in, we began with a clear vision – to transform this ‘row boat into a rocketship’. Our strategy was focused and unwavering: strip down everything that was not core to the business. We adopted a relentless pursuit of simplicity, reshaping their vision into a streamlined platform tailored for swift market entry. 


Beginning with a robust team of 10 experts collaborating daily with the client, our synergy transitioned into efficient weekly touchpoints, prioritizing tasks, and aligning the product vision. This close collaboration ensured that our client always had a clear view of the development progress and a voice in every decision.

The Results

In a fraction of the time and budget they had previously spent, we transformed their vision into reality for just $400k. The client’s product isn’t just functional now; it’s a launchpad designed for success. Their feedback? We turned their “row boat into a rocketship”.


With the platform’s new-found agility, we foresee the effortless integration of generative AI, enhancing operational efficiency further. And as for the return on investment? Predictions are optimistic. Within the next nine months, our client is poised to not only recoup their investments but also to thrive, potentially generating millions annually from the very product that once seemed a distant dream.

Their Journey, Our Collaboration

For us at FINdustries, this is more than just another project. It’s a testament to the transformative power of clarity, collaboration, and expertise. Together, we didn’t just launch a product; we launched a success story.


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